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Mumble and TeamSpeak Server Hosting
About Us
We've all come across them, dead servers and its a graveyard of builds and memories. Where life was once there but since then has seemed to move on elsewhere. Or the even more terrifying thought, servers resetting or closing up shop over night. Without warning, like a thief in the night, your work and progress is gone. All those blocks amounting to a masterpiece you'll never get to finish like dust in the wind...

Its heartbreaking and has turned many off to servers. So many are hesitant due to so many reasons. Community, Solidity, Rules... Just to list a few.

Let me tell you we've all been there, we've all felt that pain and we are all tired of it!

Here at NeatoBuilds, we are a community of like minded humorus individuals. A mature server that has been running since 2015! For players of all types, builders, redstone wizards or even the adventurer. We house and protect them all with a few pluggins to keep griefers and thieves at bay.

Think of us like a haven for your mind's creations, protected and loved like they were our own. We deal with griefing of all kinds quickly and severely. It has never, nor will it ever be tolerated! It doesn't matter if you are the newb that just joined or a moderator of the server, everyone is equal and will be treated thusly.

So feel free to build and grow with us. To leave and return, we will always be here. Just as fair and just as the day we started.

Simplicity is our motto. We like to keep things easy to use, streamlined if you will. So even the newest of players can enjoy the many worlds of the server that is our home without getting lost in the woodwork.

Donations are, of course, accepted but only to improve the server, they are not required. Shelling out cash will not get players any special privileges or abilities. So in short there is no pay to win.

So if the above sounds like the haven that you've been looking for, for yourself and your creations, please join us online. We'd love to have more to learn from, laugh with, and love for the many years to come.